Funko Fridays: The Great Funko Pop Swap

Last month, the amazing Pepi arranged for a Funko Pop Swap to take place this month at the Geek Girls x Bloggers group and being such a Funko fan, I absolutely had to jump in with both feet. The rules seemed simple: choose a wishlist of 5 Funko Pops you’d love to have join your collection and keep to an agreed price limit. Price, not a problem. Limiting myself to a choice of 5 pops…so difficult! After a long and arduous battle, I managed to put together a list of 5 I want so badly that you’ll probably see them in my haul posts over the next few months. 😛

Funko Pop Snape

My swap partner was Melissa from Readerly Geek and I’m so, so happy with her choice. 🙂 Snape’s one of my very favourite Pops and I’d been meaning to pick him up for ages. I remember sniffling (maybe sobbing, it was traumatic and I may have blocked some of it out!) my way through those particular scenes in the Deathly Hallows book, even worse by the time the movie was released. ‘Always…’ *whimper*

Thank you, Melissa! 😀

Be sure to check out her blog and if you’re a geeky blogger of the girl variety, check out the group too. Funko Fridays also makes a return this week, check out the other posts.

Funko Fridays Blogging Prompt

Monthly Goals: July 2016

Monthly Goals 2016

Hello, hello! Apologies for being ultra late to the party this month. How we’re already 12 days into July, I’ve no idea. Time has clearly gotten well and truly away from me. Let’s get started shall we?

June Goals: Recap

June ended up being a surprisingly busy month for me which I really hadn’t seen coming. I did manage to blog way more than usual, but alas not quite the 2 posts per week I’d aimed for. Still, I’ve done more than I usually manage so I’m taking away the positives and taking the fails constructively. Some on the other hand, like some of my purge has been slower to kick off, but I did get there in the end. I’ve prepared a list of items to clear out, sell or donate and some have even gone already. I even managed to hit my writing goals. So some successes and some failures, but all around still a positive learning experience.


} 750 Words June Monthly Challenge. (March completed previously.)  SUCCESS!

} Write at least 5k that doesn’t involve blogging or journaling. SUCCESS!

} Catch up with TV finales I missed whilst on holiday. SUCCESS!

} Walk an average of 10k steps a day, 5/7. FAIL! So I didn’t manage that 10K 5/7, but I did manage 7K. I also sadly don’t have a wristband yet, so track this using my phone. I don’t always pick up my phone. Not an excuse, but I doubt I’ll keep setting goals for this if I can’t track everything.

} Kon Mari purge; sort through keepers and the things it’s time to get rid of. SUCCESS! The process has begun and some of my to go pile has already gone.

} Celebrate Dad’s & the other half’s birthdays, and Father’s Day. SUCCESS!


} Get back into blogging, both reading and commenting. FAIL! I’m going to be strict with myself here. I did much better with this, but not consistently as I’d have liked so I’m failing myself.

} Blog at least twice a week. FAIL! Though on the up side, I did crank out more posts and prepare more drafts than this, I only managed 6 posts, 2 drafts. Close, but not a win.

} Begin blog renovation (backend first). SUCCESS!

} Review the most anticipated 2016 movies that I’ve seen so far. FAIL! I reviewed some, they’re written up as drafts, but sadly I haven’t posted these yet nor have I found the time to write ALL of them up.

July Goals


} Win Camp NaNoWriMo by writing 25K words.

} Continue clear out of old stuff. Take no prisoners!

} TV: Finish Colony season 1. Josh Holloway y’all! <3

} TV: Finish iZombie season 2.

} TV: Start Ally McBeal rewatch. I haven’t watched this since I was in high school!


I’m going to start adding some gaming goals each month. Pardon the only 2 I’ve included this month since they’re based on NOT doing something. These somethings are big items, ones that will derail my other goals if I cave in. I cannot cave in! *resolve face*

} Do not cave in and buy Overwatch! YET!!

} Do not be tempted to try and speed through Heart of Thorns storyline in Guild Wars 2 in preparation for living story season 3 kicking off at the end of July! It can wait until August!!


} Write at least 4 new posts in July. (Include Summer Hiatus TV, Funko Pop Haul and Funko Pop Swap post.)

} Improve upon reading and commenting on blogs, even if it’s just a catchup every weekend.

I’m going for a far more reserved July, mainly because most of my free time will be taken up with Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve never participated before, but so far I’m having a lot of fun with the others in my cabin. We’ve had a few Write-Ins and Word Wars which have been productive and most importantly, a good laugh. To balance this up, I’m avoiding losing myself to my gaming urges completely, but factoring in some Netflix to enjoy some chill out time too. All work and no play…

The Monthly Goals linkup is run by Angie and Karen, be sure to check out their blogs when you have a moment. 🙂


Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016

Camp NaNo Participant 2016

As June draws to an end, I’ve gone and done a thing. Two weeks ago I caved in and committed myself by signing up to Camp NaNoWriMo for July. Yep, you read that right. I’ve successfully taken part in a few of monthly challenges at 750 Words so far this year and when I saw that Camp NaNo was drawing near again, I flirted with the idea of finally taking part. I’d thought about it for April, but between work and home, life got way too busy to even start plotting out a project. So this is it, July will officially be my first trip to camp. 🙂

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