What I’m Watching: Summer Hiatus TV

What I'm Watching

I’ve been meaning to write up this post for a while, but alas it kept getting away from me and I found myself sitting procrastinating with Netflix watching more TV instead of actually drafting said post about my TV-watching habits. This time I’m sharing what I’ve been watching during the summer whilst most of my other shows are enjoying their summer hiatus. It’s usually the time of year I reserve for picking up new shows to binge when I haven’t got around to watching them yet and this year’s been no different. Without further ado, lets get started.

Warning: YouTube heavy…enjoy! 😛

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Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016 Winner!

Camp NaNo Winner2016

Last month I set myself the unexpected challenge of taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo. It was my first ever Camp NaNo and I won’t lie, there was a point toward the start of the final week in July where life got so busy and I hadn’t found the time to write for days in a row, I genuinely thought I’d made it to the final hurdle just in time to fail altogether. Thankfully though, the final 2 days of Camp fell on a weekend and I was able to devote those 2 days to nothing but cranking out the words to beat my goal.

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Monthly Goals: August 2016

Monthly Goals 2016

Greetings monthly goal setters! How are you this month? All set for some fun and productive times ahead I hope. Let’s get started.

July Goals: Recap

Overall, July was a success. I managed to do the majority of things I wanted to, and even avoid the distractions I saw looming on the horizon. I’ve surprised myself with my writing habits. As it turns out, daily writing may not be my thing, it’s filled with expectation and pressure that immediately blocks me. I tend to favour random bursts of creativity, and thanks to having Scrivener iOS release right in the middle of July, I’ve even been able to write, jot and note on my phone whilst out on the go. 🙂


} Win Camp NaNoWriMo by writing 25K words. SUCCESS!

} Continue clear out of old stuff. Take no prisoners! FAIL! Sadly I had a super busy work month the last fortnight in July and it took me all my time to get through Camp NaNo those weeks. Sadly very little done on the clear out, but some things are still listed on Ebay so technically the effort’s still there.

} TV: Finish Colony season 1. Josh Holloway y’all! <3 SUCCESS!

} TV: Finish iZombie season 2. SUCCESS!

} TV: Start Ally McBeal rewatch. I haven’t watched this since I was in high school! SUCCESS!


} Do not cave in and buy Overwatch! YET!! SUCCESS!

} Do not be tempted to try and speed through Heart of Thorns storyline in Guild Wars 2 in preparation for living story season 3 kicking off at the end of July! It can wait until August!! SUCCESS!


} Write at least 4 new posts in July. (Include Summer Hiatus TV, Funko Pop Haul and Funko Pop Swap post.) FAIL! 2 posts & 1 draft in the end, I didn’t quite make it. 🙁

} Improve upon reading and commenting on blogs, even if it’s just a catchup every weekend. SUCCESS!

August Goals

Now that July and CampNaNoWriMo are over, I feel like I can breathe a little easier. I want to try and focus on my blog a little more this month due to it sadly being neglected while I’ve been so busy and burnt out offline. Blogging’s fun, I need to look into ways of making time for it more often. I’ve also a few other hobbies that have been neglected, literally letting me become ‘all work, no play’ so I’ve set myself some writing, arty and gaming goals to ensure I’m taking even just a little time for me in amongst all the other stuff.


} Write 10K words toward any project on my to do list.

} Sort bathroom storage out finally.

} Complete at least 2 items from my reading list.

} Research some art/drawing resources.

} TV: Continue Summer hiatus viewing.


} Begin Heart of Thorns storyline on my Elementalist.

} Earn Champion Illusionist on my Mesmer in PVP.

} Start levelling my Engineer at last. Currently level 9/80.

} Level Warrior to 80. Currently 48/80.


} Write at least 4 new posts in August to get caught up.

} Resume tidy of back end. Small steps.

} Research new blog theme. This one’s getting a bit stale.

That’s it for my August goals. See you next month! 😀

The Monthly Goals linkup is run by Angie and Karen, be sure to check out their blogs when you have a moment. 🙂