Scrivener Discount Giveaway


Well hello there writerly friends! During the rest of September, I’ve decided to offer one of you lovely people the opportunity to pick up a copy of Scrivener with a 50% discount. Currently Scrivener is available on Windows, Mac and iOS which I absolutely love for writing up random snippets on the go. Whether you’re interested in writing your next novel, academic essay or even drafting up blog posts, it’s a really good tool for managing all of your work. It also has the option to sync with Dropbox at this point which has proven a great way for me to sync my on-the-go scrivenings with my laptop or desktop.

If you’re feeling creative and writing a story, this software’s ideal with research sections, character profiles, world building folders and even a corkboard layout to let you shuffle chapters and content until your heart’s content. Using this to manage blog posts? I just create folders per category and write up individual posts in each section. It’s a really useful way to collate everything.

This isn’t about my selling the benefits of Scrivener, though if you’ve been remotely interested in checking it out, I really recommend picking up a copy. There’s a 30 day free trial version available to let you tinker until your heart’s content and if it’s for you, well, you’ll have snagged yourself a nice little discount. This post is absolutely not sponsored or affiliated with Literature and Latte in any way. I’m just a user (and a fan) who happens to have a discount code up for grabs. Maybe someone out there would appreciate the chance of picking up this software half off.

If you’d like to check out Scrivener, you can see a brief Mac intro here, a Windows intro here, and an iOS intro here.

Scrivener Discount Giveaway

The giveaway will run until next Wednesday, the 28th September and the 50% off code will be valid until 30th September 2016. Once a winner is chosen, I’ll mail you with the discount code and instructions on how to redeem. Again this will involve no affiliate links of any kind so don’t worry.

Funko Pop Haul: July & August 2016


Greetings Funko Friends on this, another Funko Friday! After disappearing down the rabbit hole in July, I neglected to post my July Funko Pop haul, so I’m going to post a combined haul for July and August to hopefully make up for it. Beware, I went a little Pop crazy in July when I had no intention to. Then again, who really does set out to buy all the Pops when they start? I’ll also warn you that I’m separating off my SDCC 2016 haul from this post to avoid bombarding you with everything at once. Lets get started!

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Monthly Goals: September 2016

Monthly Goals 2016

And we’re back for September’s monthly goals already. Where’s this year going to?! As fast as 2016 seems to be disappearing, I’m glad it’s finally September. There’s a lot of good stuff going on this month including the return of TV finally and our 7 year anniversary. We’re usually on holiday for it, but we’ll be jetting off for a little getaway in early October instead this year.

August Goals: Recap

August turned out to be a surprisingly productive month for me considering I had nothing planned but work, work and more work. Sad, I know. 🙁 This has probably been helped by the fact that we’ve booked another cheeky little holiday away to the other half’s parent’s place in Spain so we’ve been having more quiet weekends in rather than going out. As it turns out, this is a great way to achieve a lot of your personal goals if they include reading, blogging, writing, TV and gaming. Big thumbs up!

Personal (Life)

Write 10K words toward any project on my to do list. SUCCESS!

Sort bathroom storage out finally. SUCCESS!

} Complete at least 2 items from my reading list. SUCCESS!

} Research some art/drawing resources. SUCCESS!

} TV: Continue Summer hiatus viewing. SUCCESS!


} Begin Heart of Thorns storyline on my Elementalist. FAIL! Total fail, I couldn’t tear myself away from PVP in the end.

} Earn Champion Illusionist on my Mesmer in PVP. FAIL! I got too carried away playing my ranger’s druid elite specialisation in PVP. She owns everything, it’s so much fun!

} Start levelling my Engineer at last. Currently level 9/80. SUCCESS! (20/80)

} Level Warrior to 80. Currently 48/80. FAIL! I’m still at 48/80 on my warrior. I just got carried away PVPing on my new ranger.


} Write at least 4 new posts in August to get caught up. SUCCESS!

} Resume tidy of back end. Small steps. SUCCESS!

} Research new blog theme. This one’s getting a bit stale. SUCCESS!


September Goals

In August, I managed to make more time for hobbies. I finished a few TV shows on my summer hiatus watch list and started a few more. I managed to blog more regularly which I’ve been trying to do for ages. And I even managed to start looking into more arty things which I haven’t done in years – try a decade! To avoid letting this all be in vain, my biggest goal for the coming month is to avoid losing momentum! I need to keep going!


} Write 10K toward an existing project.

} Starting planning my outline for NaNoWriMo in November.

} At least 2 items from my TBR (To Be Read) list.

} Pick up some art supplies and start tinkering again.

} Finally get new desk chair and hopefully end back pain!

} TV: Finish House. Catch up on Vikings.

} Load up my iPad with plenty of stuff to read on holiday in Oct.

} Celebrate 7yr anniversary with my long-suffering other half.


} Earn Champion Illusionist on my Mesmer in PVP. (So many battles!)

} Continue levelling my Engineer. Currently level 20/80.

} Continue levelling Warrior to 80. Currently level 48/80.


} Write at least 4 posts, 1 a week.

} Write up & schedule ahead for October.

} Continue researching new blog theme. May or may not involve new domain at this point.

That’s it for my September goals. See you next month! 😀

The Monthly Goals linkup is run by Angie and Karen, be sure to check out their blogs when you have a moment. 🙂